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     Salary:      £17,744 plus local pay allowance of up to £4,250

     Closing Date:      31/03/2008          QUIZ, JOBS, VIDEO> > >   WEBSITE

     Job Type:      Prison Officer

     Area/Establishment:      All Areas


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Wandsworth Prison
Are recruiting now, there is at the moment no closing date.
Have been informed they are looking for at least 70 Officers.
Phone now for an application form
Office hours Mon-Fri 9-4
020 8588 4421/4426
Ever considered changing your career to something more rewarding, something that will challenge you in many different ways every day, whilst still giving you good job security and benefits?

If the answers yes, then you’re quite possibly considering the Prison Service as your next career move. With a national recruitment campaign now underway with vacancies in most areas then why not make this your year to change.

Click the link below to go direct to the online application form or look at the campaign site by using the link above. Lets us know on the sites forum how you’re getting on or feel free to ask any questions you.

posted by Mash

on 9 Jan 2008

There is a new application process fully online. The new form enables you to complete your application in stages if you wish, by registering and saving your application as you go along. READ ABOUT IT RIGHT HERE!posted by lapmonkey9

on 7 Jan 2008

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Published on 23/01/2008
MORE jobs are lined up at Cumbria’s only jail.

The nine new posts at Haverigg prison will pump at least £150,000 a year in wages into the local economy.

The jobs, all prison officer posts, boast a starting salary of £17,144, rising to £27,350.

First advertised in the Evening Mail, the roles have also been plastered across job pages in the national press as part of a nationwide recruitment drive to boost numbers of prison officers.

HMP Haverigg governor Clive Chatterton said: “We are recruiting up to nine new officers for Haverigg in order to staff our new 64-bed unit that will come on stream later in the year.

“This is an excellent opportunity for readers of the North-West Evening Mail to think about the prison service as a career.”

Recruiters are encouraging women and those from ethnic minorities to apply, as they are under-represented within much of the prison service, which runs public sector prisons nationwide.

Robin Pitt, a Copeland borough councillor for Millom’s Newtown ward, also welcomed moves to attract women and ethnic minorities to the prison service.

Cllr Pitt, who worked in prisons for 16 years, said: “There has always been under-representation of women and ethnic minorities among prison officers. When I worked in jails women prison officers proved themselves to have a calming influence on inmates.

“If this attracts more ethnic minorities to Copeland then I welcome that too.

“It’s brilliant news, both for the local economy and house prices in the area.”

The jobs boost comes after the Haverigg jail unveiled its new state-of-the-art block, christened Langdale, at the category C site.

Copeland MP Jamie Reed was joined by Prison Service area manager Ian Lockwood and governor Mr Chatterton to cut the ribbon on the new two-storey block in November.

So far only 12 inmates are inside the new £12m block, but more are coming. When filled, the new block will bring the total prisoner capacity up to 632 from 568.

It is considered to play an important role in Haverigg’s privilege system and will house the best behaved inmates.

Applicants need to pass a selection test, attend an interview and pass a recruitment day where their skills will be tested in role-play situations. There is no closing date.

The Prison Service recruitment team can be reached on 0845 450 3287. To apply visit

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