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we must get away from this notion that criminals need to be punished. why should they be punished? :slno: this is an outmoded method of dealing with a person who committed a crime. they should be held in custody, preferably for a short a time as possible, so it doesn't cost too much and if when they are released, they then commit a further crime, well even then they still don't deserve punishment, instead they should be welcomed back into custody, preferably for an even shorter time than previously, so it costs even less than the first time. when released back onto the poor old UK public again, if they commit a further crime again, well - it's to be expected. the UK have a 'REVOLVING DOOR JUSTICE system,' it's not that good at actually providing justice for the UK public, but it is cheap and that's what counts :slsad:

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Protest meetings held over private jails

high profile stories and issues for Prison Officers

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Protest meetings held over private jails

Post by MrMac » Thu Apr 14, 2011 11:08 am

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Protest meetings held over private jails
Published on Thursday 14 April 2011 06:00

PRISON officers in Yorkshire took part in the first of a series of protest meetings yesterday, which union officials said will be held every week over Government privatisation plans.

The Prison Officers Association organised the hour-long meetings at prisons across the country and general secretary Steve Gillan said Yorkshire members took part.

Mr Gillan added: “These meetings are being held as a way of showing our opposition to the Government’s privatisation agenda, and they will be continuing every week for the foreseeable future.

“It is simply a way of getting our message across and drawing some attention to our message.”

The POA launched its campaign two weeks ago after Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke sparked anger among its members by announcing the privatisation of Birmingham Prison.

Doncaster Prison is also to undergo controversial reforms which will see Serco, the private company which runs the jail, “paid by results”.

Chief Inspector of Prisons Nick Hardwick released a report into the running of Doncaster Prison today which says it is currently “well run” but needs improvement.

Speaking about the report he said: “The prison needs to improve the regime for vulnerable prisoners, and provide more activity places.

“There wasn’t enough education, training or work available.

“Prison capacity is not simply a matter of how many prisoners can be crammed into the cells – it is also a matter of whether the prison has the resources and space to do anything useful with them.”
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Re: Protest meetings held over private jails

Post by Aslan » Thu Apr 14, 2011 4:03 pm

Only 20 bothered at one of the big london jails - not strong enough.

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Re: Protest meetings held over private jails

Post by Blokeybob » Thu Apr 14, 2011 4:12 pm

Not a sausage at my establishment, when I asked other members on the day, nobody knew it was happening. Although to be fair I think most of our comitee members are on leave/sick. In the main I can't fault my nick's comitee, they've been spot on with everything they've done for us in the past. I would certainly follow any instruction they issue. Maybe they are holding back for now as they know something I don't.

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