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we must get away from this notion that criminals need to be punished. why should they be punished? :slno: this is an outmoded method of dealing with a person who committed a crime. they should be held in custody, preferably for a short a time as possible, so it doesn't cost too much and if when they are released, they then commit a further crime, well even then they still don't deserve punishment, instead they should be welcomed back into custody, preferably for an even shorter time than previously, so it costs even less than the first time. when released back onto the poor old UK public again, if they commit a further crime again, well - it's to be expected. the UK have a 'REVOLVING DOOR JUSTICE system,' it's not that good at actually providing justice for the UK public, but it is cheap and that's what counts :slsad:

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What is YOI prison like ?

Ask any question you like, prison officers are here to answer you!

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What is YOI prison like ?

Post by Guest » Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:17 pm

I think ill probably go to young offenders Institution for a few good months for burglary in the riots they gave me a referral order and i fuc*ed it up im going back to court for breach so a chance ill go prison
What is it really like in young offenders Institution ? what do you do for the first night , how long do you stay in the cells a day ? is there a TV in the cells ? what is the showers like ? do EVERYONE go into one room and all shower together lol or is it single shower rooms ?
and if your sentenced do you HAVE to wear prison uniform cant you wear your own cloths when people visits ?
How long do you stay in the cells for ? and how long do you spend outside on a normal day if there is enough staff
and if you work in a yoi prison which one do you work at can you post ?


Re: What is YOI prison like ?

Post by Tarkk » Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:19 pm

Ermm i posted this question but its coming up as guest for some reason lol :\

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Re: What is YOI prison like ?

Post by ZzoL » Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:30 pm

do not state at any point where you are/which court, this could go against you. keep your identity a secret on this forum

this is the government website about going to prison ... /index.htm

this is the website for arriving at prisoner ... /DG_196235

should give you all the relevant information. the showers are like school showers, or gym showers.

as for what YOI's are like, if its your first time then the whole experience might be a tad overwhelming. prison is such a different world. its going to be noisy, crowded (don't expect much "alone" time). at times aggressive and violent. compared to what you have in your room at home its going to be the basics, bed,tv, kettle, table and chair. if you do feel scared/worried then do not show it. don't lend things to other prisoners, you will never get it back. try and be respectful to staff, you get on well with them and your time will be alot easier.


Re: What is YOI prison like ?

Post by Tarkk » Wed Jan 11, 2012 9:10 pm

are the showers like this ? ... 29,r:1,s:0

or this ? :D ... _02_01.jpg

well not EXACTLY like that ^ but you know... do you see each other naked -.-

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Re: What is YOI prison like ?

Post by kristorf » Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:39 am

1st one, but no way as clean (and you won't see a naked prisoner, all wear boxers, dropped soap and all that :slby: :slsh: :slzi: )

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