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RAD day soon - questions on job as a whole

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RAD day soon - questions on job as a whole

Post by StrongmanInTraining » Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:53 am

Intro to me, currently do sales and front door work on Friday Saturday night at a busy night club. Love my door work but my day job is tedious, I'm not built for office work.

I passed my assessment centre for local police and waiting on final interview but recruitment is now back on hold again... :slsad:

Stoke Heath prison are hiring and I have applied, passed the online and have RAD day in November. While I know I'll pass the fitness test and confident on anything else, my questions are really based on the pay (as I know it varies) and bits and pieces when on the job.

I'm 22 and currently training for strongman looking to compete in the near future and as you can probably guess I have to eat a lot of food. What's the ability to eat like if you're on a long shift or on any shift? Fortunately I have the option to drink a lot of my calories if that's there...
Also the pay, it advertises just shy of £23,000 over 39 hours weekly. Do they generally stick to the advertised pay as I know a lot of companies (even civil service) have certain ways of moving these things about.

Thanks in advance (anything that may need deleting in this post please let me know as I'm at work and made an account and posted before reading the rules about posting anything perhaps too personal?)

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Re: RAD day soon - questions on job as a whole

Post by falkor » Thu Oct 19, 2017 5:59 pm

Welcome to the site Strongman, have a read of of the Pay Rise thread it might answer your query on pay

as a matter of interest, as you applied for both police and prison officer, which is the better pay out of the two? :slby:

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