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five years ago Benchmarking came in which said prisons could run with a lot less staff, VEDS was born and thousands of highly experienced prison officers were paid off handsomely to leave early.
This gave HMP the prisons with a lot less staff that they wanted and since then? Well since then we have RECORD NUMBERS of brand new prison officers with 0 experience whatever. Far better than the hugely experienced prison officers who were paid handsomely to leave.
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Post by TigersFan92 » Fri Oct 20, 2017 3:22 pm

Hi everyone,

Had and passed my RAD on 16.10.2017, received an email saying I'd passed on 17.10.2017 and received an email with a conditional offer on 18.10.2017, which I have accepted. Really pleased with how smoothly things are going at present, and I have a couple of questions to make sure they continue to do so...

With regards to the vetting forms could someone clarify the answer to the second question in the forms regarding whether the role requires a professional registration

I also received a caution for Criminal Damage (Less than 5,000.00) in May 2013, and two speeding offences in 2014. I have fully declared them, but would anyone be able to offer some insight as to whether these may present an obstacle?

Last but not least I was wondering if anyone had had any trouble with OH Assist? I received an email with a link to a questionnaire on the 17th of this month but I can't progress further than the DOB stage as it says it doesn't match their records - presumably a clerical error on their behalf? Tried contacting them several times (spending £££'s whilst on hold) with no success.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

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Post by Shaun1701 » Fri Oct 20, 2017 3:53 pm

hi mate
I can’t comment on the vetting stuff as I don’t know but regarding the oh assist I had exactly the same thing they imputed my d.o.b wrong so I couldn’t get past the page i rang oh assist direct spoke to a lovely lady who got there i.t department to sort it out within 20 mins did u ring oh assist or sscl?

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Post by Joc_robz91 » Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:04 pm

Hi buddy,

Congratulations on passing the rad and receiving the conditional offer.

I can't answer your question unfortunately. I had notification of passing my RAD on Monday 16/10/17 but haven't received anything else. Where did the conditional offer arrive, email? Inbox or spam? Or on your justice.jobs page?

I'm so confused im checking everything every hour maybe I'm being thick 😂😂😂

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Post by SWM5436 » Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:30 pm

For OP, Congratulations, the search option would have given you the answers to point one and two, No and no one knows that apart from the decisions team. I phoned OH assist at 0900 this morning and got straight through, no good to you now as they are closed until Monday, if it’s a clerical error you need to check your vetting forms also as they will not progress you any further if the form is incorrect.

For second post: The offer will arrive in your inbox or wherever you received the RAD results.

Just to add, just because you have received your results doesn’t mean that sscl have, they won’t accept them from you, you will just have to wait until they are uploaded, again searching would have answered these questions.
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Start of vetting to the call 17 weeks 2 days.

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