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five years ago Benchmarking came in which said prisons could run with a lot less staff, VEDS was born and thousands of highly experienced prison officers were paid off handsomely to leave early.
This gave HMP the prisons with a lot less staff that they wanted and since then? Well since then we have RECORD NUMBERS of brand new prison officers with 0 experience whatever. Far better than the hugely experienced prison officers who were paid handsomely to leave.
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Cookham Wood

Only use this area to start new topics if you are applying for a post for HMPS or similar.
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Cookham Wood

Post by Mccudden » Mon Oct 16, 2017 12:27 pm

Afternoon All,

So after years of debating I have applied to be a Prison Officer, sick of sitting behind a desk in the civi world and its not doing my waist line any good!

I have applied for Cookham Wood, passed the online assessment and now have to wait for a soft check to come back on me in order to attend a familiarisation day. Does anyone have any idea how long this takes to come back as I been waiting a week now?